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A solution architect having extensive international experience, with customers in sales, services, product development and solution architecture, seeking a technical leadership position in an organization seeking extraordinary software solutions design and architecture, using best industry methods, in a cost effective manner, within quality and production deadlines.


An application and software solutions engineer with over 19 years of combined Canadian and international experience leading technical teams, as well as independently developing software solutions with different technologies to find “the right tool for the right job” in order to implement customer requirements, in a timely and cost effective manner using agile continuous delivery techniques.
A “top tier” solution architect of software application lifecycle management (ALM) products through 10 years’ experience as architect with the IBM Rational’s (now DevOps) Software Group.  Broad expertise with enterprise, network, web/internet, distributed (cloud), information, enterprise application integration and service oriented technologies and architectures, in addition to a wealth of industry experience.
Through the experience gained by working as an architect of an enterprise project and portfolio management solution (PPM), filed a patent disclosure on resource allocation in agile project management (see below).
 Worked for in Europe for the IBM European technical community of practice as a specialty architect in order to architect IBM Rational PPM, ALM and performance management solutions into the solutions deployed to large enterprise customers.
More recently, an IBM Software Group lead software engineer for application performance monitoring of the common “Foundation” technology base for ALM products, in order to provide instrumentation of performance monitoring for the underlying service invocation framework to monitor the end user experience of our products for customers.
Founder and CTO of a wireless internet consulting and R&D company with 10 employees serving large telecommunications customers. Productized a wireless internet communication stack that allowed transparent internet communications over CDMA and GSM networks. Wrote several articles on wireless internet technologies and founded an open source web site advocating the open source development of wireless communications stacks presented at COMDEX, USA.


Oct 2012–Current  IBM Canada Ltd., Montréal, Québec
Software Architect and Engineer

•    Chosen to lead and manage a feature team to instrument awareness of aberrant user activities that cause outages and performance issues into ALM ( products
•    Gather requirements from customers and other stakeholders
•    Implemented prototypes and technically lead development team to implement product prototype
•    Information about initiative:
•    Implementation of load time byte code injection in key points and creation of a rule set to establish a QoS (Quality of Service) baseline that, when violated, creates notifications
•    Presented prototype and delivered solution at IBM Innovate Conference in 2013 and 2014
•    Successfully led implementation from requirements, prototype to completion and product release within time estimated. (Download available on

July 2011–Oct. 2012  IBM Canada Ltd., Montréal, Québec
Jazz JumpStart Engineer

•    Involved development of customer solutions, implementation of product features, examples, API on demand to resolve escalations, key situations and create revenue opportunities
•    Worked with IBM Software Engineer to develop subject matter expertise for Application Lifecycle Management solutions
•    Part of a “SWAT” team that handles “war room” situation at customer sites.
•    Developed personal blog and published internet articles for issues encountered while working with customer: , articles, blogs on  (see publications below)
•    Delivered product sample data form Enterprise Modernization data (“Mainframe”)
•    Developed documentation and solutions around early release product clustering features
•    Rescued many high value customers out of critical situations with products.

Oct. 2009–July 2011  IBM Croatia d.o.o. Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa
Rational Specialty Architect

•    Work with the IBM IT Architect community in order to promote IBM Rational solutions in the solution architecture that they have developed for customers using Team Solution Design.
•    An IT Specialist/Architect position that involved using IBM CVM method to understand the customer’s pains, assertain a compelling reason to act and propose a solution based upon IBM Rational’s PPM Offerings.
•    Prepare PPM proof of concepts, proof of technologies for customers in various industries
•    Advocate IBM Rational’s software development lifecycle platform (Jazz) upon which the PPM solution was based including associated products; Focal Point, Insight ,Team Concert, Requirements Composer and ClearQuest
•    Presented in from of customers and business partners the benefits of IBM Rational’s solutions.
•    Over a million dollar of international sales as part of technical win teams
•    IBM Rational Director’s Award
•    Led several technical implementations that led to revenue

2004-Sept. 2009  IBM Canada Inc.   Montréal, Québec
Software Architect and Engineer

•    Architect of Rational Portfolio Manager (RPM), a Project and Portfolio Management system.
•    Writing functional description documents, architecting and prototyping solutions that met the requirements of RPM customers, integrating RPM into customer enterprise environments which often included a mix of SAP, Peoplesoft/JDEdwards systems.
•    Filed Agile PPM patent (see below): US 20100115523 A1
•    Architected and designed a Web user interface for RPM based on a combination of a JavaScript front end using the DOJO Toolkit using a Representative State Transfer (REST)-style web service to provide a AJAX communication framework. This allowed customers to access RPM using a rich thin client.
•    Architected and designed a complete end-to-end web service integration platform involving hundreds of objects that allowed the IBM service organization and willing customers to create application integrations. This solution also enabled RPM to be used with enterprise application integration and service oriented application technologies.
•    Architected and designed a complete enterprise warehouse solution including the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) architecture, a staging area, several star schemas, and a database integrated security architecture so that RPM would be able to provide reporting and pivoting using industry standard Business Intelligence (BI) tools.
•    Created a solution that allowed RPM to use enterprise authentication architectures using the Java Authentication and Authorization Services (JAAS) allowing the use of LDAP, Kerberos and other authentication and Single Sign On (SSO) systems.
•    Designed architecture of integrations and new features dictated by customer requirements and led projects to completion using a team of developers.

1999-2002 Ericsson Research Canada (as Consultant) Montréal, Québec
Senior OO Consultant representing 5NINE Communications

•    Lead team of developers for a contract with Ericsson Research Montreal to develop a communications stack providing transaction, encryption and session management for the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) on a redundant fault-tolerant platform Telco platform (TelORB) with a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). 
•    Consulted at Ericsson Toronto for developing rule engine based on Web Services Flow Language (WSFL) and a protocol independent transport layer supporting SOAP, RMI and other protocols for an XML/XSL based content server (1 year)
•    Successfully led technical team of three people from initial design through production to release
•    Became the production communications stack for wireless internet protocols on a major platform deployed to telecommunications operators internationally

1999-2003 5NINE Wireless Communications Inc. (formerly ITPS Group Inc.) Montréal, Québec
President/Senior Software Architect

•    Proprietor of a technology company providing software research and development, software consulting and management having 10 employees
•    Technical leadership of  a company of 10 employees
•    Development of an open source C++ distributed stack version using session identifiers
•    Development of a web-enabled desktop in Visual C++/MFC/ATL for always-connected windows CE based devices.  (1/2 year)
•    Development of a mobile requirements analysis tool for Windows CE similar to Rational Requisite Pro in Visual C+/MFC and Visual Basic (1/2 year)

1995-1999 METEX  Systems Inc. Toronto, Ontario
Senior Software Architect

•    Developer and consultant for object oriented methodologies and solutions
•    Implementation of an automated embedded truck scale system  for Mettler-Toledo interfacing with proprietary hardware using C++, Java and a SQL backend (ODBC Compliant)
•    Trained Object Oriented best practices using UML (Booch, OMT) and Rational Rose to the Finnish Defence Forces, Telia Sweden and many others also via in-house training.
•    Implemented PowerBuilder plug-in product for Rational Rose allowing the reverse and forward engineering of PowerBuilder code to and from class diagrams.
•    Implemented many client solutions using a proprietary class library for 2-tier (client-server) and 3-tier applications.
•    Wrote a data dictionary for the Air Miles database (Loyalty Group)
Responsible for the purchasing, designing, installing and maintaining of entire network infrastructure of company including Windows (NT, Linux and Solaris servers and workstations.


Internet Technologies
•    Node.js, Dojo, D3, JQuery and Backbone
•    Open internet REST protocols (OSLC) and implementations using semantic web technologies such as RDF and NoSQL repositories like Jena.
•    Asynchronous request frameworks and interfaces using AJAX and service invocation observer patterns
•    Experience with “traditional” technology such as JSPs, JSFs and Struts page rendering technologies
•    IP networking including UDP, TCP and higher level protocols such as HTTP, SMTP, FTP and LDAP.
Distributed (Cloud) Technologies
•    Netflix Hystrix for scalability and fault tolerance across services deployed on the cloud
•    Distrusted caching technologies (WebSphere eXtreme Scale) (write though, side lookup caches) in order to implement a distributed cluster
•    Jena/RDF triple store, key store , column store NOSQL technologies as well as indexing technologies such as Lucene
•     “Traditional” (WS) web services (SOAP, WSDL, WSFL, UDDI)

Java Technologies
 Eclipse desktop and servers side (OSGI/Equinox) technologies
•    AspectJ and Aspect Oriented Programming, as well as byte code weaving.
•    Property injection and extension frameworks such as OSGi plugin/service mechanisms and Spring
•    Object relational frameworks: EMF/SDO, Hibernate and Apache OJB,
•    Highly experienced in developing Java software since JDK 1.0.2 and fully versed in current version including the following technologies: Enterprise JavaBeans (J2EE), JSP, RMI, JMX JDBC, JDO, JINI, and JAIN.
•    Apache XML Java, Jakarta plus common third party libraries and products such as: Ant, JUnit, Log4j, Tomcat, James, Axis, Xerces, Xlan and Systinet WASP, Resin, Jigsaw and several others.

Database Technologies
•    SQL, SPARQL (TURTLE,RDF) and NOSQL experience
•    DB2 platform technologies including implementing C++ stored procedures, implementing data models (NF, Star) and tuning performance.
•    Many years of experience working with many SQL databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and SQLBase as well a distributed database systems such as Clustra. (PL/SQL, SQL/PL, Trasact-SQL)
•    Object Oriented database experience with ODMG compliant databases such as POET, TelORB as well as
•    Dimensional modeling and warehouse architecture with DB2 and Oracle technologies, such as DB2 and Oracle. Experience in IBM InfoSphere Extract Transform and Load (ETL) technologies
Application Lifecycle Development (ALM)
•    Through vast experience with IBM Rational, “Top tier” Expert in configuration and requirements management domains as well as the entire software and application lifecycle development practices; Agile, Continuous Delivery Methodologies
•    Mentored and provided solution architecture for IBM Rational’s products in this domain.
•    Highly experienced on application lifecycle methodologies and platforms (ALM), in particular the Rational Jazz based products ( such as Rational Team Concert, Rational Requirements Composer and Rational Quality manager but also open source offerings such as Maven, Jira, SVN and Git.

Enterprise Solutions
•    Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) technologies using WebSphere MQ, WebSphere Business Integration Server (BPEL), ESB, WebSphere Portal Server and WebSphere Application Server.
•    Functional Programming, Design Patterns, RUP, Agile development, Rational Tools (Eclipse-based tools, CC, CQ), CVS,  Bugzilla, MS Office.  Development with Scala and Lift
•    Early adopter of Linux (since kernel v1.2) with a complete understanding of all major system functions, tools and daemons. Knowledge of AIX. Familiar with all major system API as well as the Gnome (GTK) and KDE (QT) GUI toolkits. Experienced in developing using the GNU development tools such as; make, automake & autoconf, gcc, g++ and gdb.
•    Experienced user of the Microsoft Visual C++ and Visual Basic, Borland Delphi and C++ Builder development environments. Full knowledge of Win32 and WinCE system API as well as the following subsystems; ActiveX, DCOM, COM, OLE, Sockets (TCP/IP and UDP/IP), ODBC and ADO, DirectX and .NET technologies.


Bachelor of Applied Science (Computer Engineering): University of Toronto


United States Patent US 20100115523 A1


2011 IBM Rational Director’s Award

2010 Graduated with Honors from IBM Global Sales School,,,     


Software,  electronic music, bicycling, swimming, running, languages